The Leaf: ASL Poem by John Maucere about Addiction

Seeking Help for Addiction: In this beautiful and powerful ASL poem, the ¬†well-known Deaf actor and comedian John Maucere illustrates his journey of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. John’s courage in sharing his personal story is inspiring – and a reminder to all of us that the dangers of addiction are very real and the consequences more serious than …

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ASL Al-Anon Meetings in Middletown, Maryland

ASL-Interpreted Alanon Meetings in Middletown, Maryland Al-Anon meetings are wonderful support resources for family members, partners, friends and others who know someone with a drinking problem. For Deaf people, finding ASL or interpreted Al-Anon meetings can be a challenge. If you live in the Middletown, Maryland area, a short drive from Frederick, weekly interpreted Al-Anon meetings are now being held …

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Homeless Deaf Man Dealing with Addictions

A Video Portrayal of a Homeless Dealing with Addictions A close-up look into the life of a homeless Deaf man with alcohol and drug addictions. Mental health and substance abuse issues are often present together. If you know someone dealing with an addiction, chances are, this person is also struggling with a great deal of emotional pain. Untreated addictions can …

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Deaf AA Meetings App: An Idea Waiting to Happen

Deaf People Seeking Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: Whether you are a Deaf person who has been sober for many years or one who is struggling to take steps toward sobriety, you are probably more than aware that Deaf-friendly and accessible AA meetings are difficult to find. Many Deaf people rely on individual therapy sessions for regular support in dealing with addictions …

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12-Step and Support Meetings via WebCam

Technology = Accessibility: Here’s a new twist on 12-step meetings. Deaf Off Drugs and Alcohol (DODA) is now offering meetings for Deaf folks via webcam. If anyone is interested in checking out this option, we’ve posted DODA’s flyer below. We’d love to hear back about personal experiences with this exciting new option for support. DODA Announcement: Deaf? Have a problem …

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Deaf Alcoholics Anonymous Group in Frederick, MD

New Deaf Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Group: Many Deaf people find it difficult, if not impossible, to find an accessible Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group they can attend for support and encouragement when dealing with alcohol issues. Even if a mostly hearing group provides an interpreter for meetings, the varying quality and consistency of interpreted meetings can be discouraging. Good news for …

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