Abused Deaf Children Need Certified Interpreters

Family Members are not Interpreters: In the news recently, the Tennessee House and Senate are considering a controversial bill (SB0594 and HB0672) that could impact how investigators communicate with Deaf children who may have experienced domestic abuse or child abuse. At first glance, the bill appears well-intentioned. The intention is to ensure that in abuse cases, family members do not …

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Missouri Association of the Deaf Win Suit Against State

Another victory: This is great news for Deaf Missourians! Once again, however, it is important to note that the issue is not just access to services via interpreters in mental health settings, but access to Deaf counselors, therapists, social workers and psychologists. The majority of Deaf people seeking mental health services want to work with Deaf professionals and receive services …

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Letter in Opposition to California AB 2072

Original letter sent May 27, 2010 Mia Orr, Consultant Senate Health Committee State Capitol, Room 2191 Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Honorable Senate Health Committee Members: Alternative Solutions Center, a Deaf-owned and operated private psychotherapy practice, OPPOSES Assembly Bill 2072 (AB 2072). AB 2072 hurts Deaf children and adults by ignoring all the research and testimonials that show just how critical …

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A Letter from a Deaf Lawyer for Non-LPC Deaf Counselors

As many of you already know, Deaf counselors are few and far between. The reason for this, in part, may be due to the fact that the national licensure exam for counselors is largely English-centric. Below, we are reprinting a letter from a Deaf lawyer, who is working to rectify the situation, and hopefully, enable more Deaf counselors to obtain …

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Say NO to Deaf Guilt

Guilt Defined: Guilt is usually described as “the sense of right or wrong”. As an emotion, it suggests conscience – that little angel sitting on your shoulder – and remorse. On the one hand, we feel guilty when we do something we think we shouldn’t have done; on the other hand, we feel guilty when we don’t do something we …

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Fly the Friendly Skies?

No Boarding Pass for You: If you’re a Deaf traveler flying on your own in Thailand anytime soon, Thai AirAsia will not let you aboard. Just this week, the airline announced that anyone who is Deaf, blind, or has a disability cannot fly unaccompanied on any of its planes within the country. Officials explained that because they are a budget …

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New Decree on Hospital Access to Interpreters

Less Stress = Better Health: Good news from the Department of Justice. Laurel Regional Hospital in Maryland just signed a consent decree in which it agreed to comply with the ADA by providing interpreters to all patients and their families or companions. The hospital was sued by a group of Deaf people whose interpreting requests were not accommodated. The decree …

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Who Defines What is Academic?

Sharon’s Frustrating Week Defining the ADA: What an experience I had at my doctoral program’s summer session last week. I am currently enrolled in Fielding Graduate University, the only APA-accredited distance learning program for clinical psychology in the USA. This means that instead of sitting in a classroom with professors and students, most of my classes are online seminars or …

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How Old is Old Enough?

Home Alone: We often have parents ask us when it is okay to start leaving their children home by themselves. It depends on what state you live in. Most states don’t have laws about specific ages, but do offer parents guidelines through local child protective services. Maryland is one of the few states with a law about this. Under Maryland …

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