Hiding Behind the Mask of Professionalism

An Open Letter from Alternative Solutions Center (ASC): Hiding Behind the Mask of Professionalism October 12, 2006 Dear Colleagues in the Mental Health Field: Like many people in the Deaf community, the Gallaudet University protest weighs heavily in our hearts today, as we are sure it does in yours, whether or not you have taken a public stand. As Deaf-centered …

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Mental Health Concerns in Our Deaf Community: The Roots Grow Deep

What Exactly is Mental Health?: Mental health equals emotional well-being. It means feeling good about yourself, the people around you, your job or school, having healthy relationships, enjoying life, and being able to deal with its many challenges. Lots of things affect mental health: biology, psychology, education, politics, social structure, and religion, to name a few. In a chapter of …

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Sorry, Hannah, You Can’t Study Albert Einstein

Believe It or Not: Sexism still exists in classrooms today, and we wonder – is anyone paying attention? Consider these scenarios that we recently witnessed: 1. A girl comes home from school, crushed after learning that the role of Peter Pan in her class play can only be played by a boy. Girls must take on “girl” parts; boys must …

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Isms are Everywhere: Sexism, Racism, Audism

Would They Ask This About an All-Male Anchor Team?: ABC’s Good Morning America announced yesterday that Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts will co-anchor the morning news, making them either the first or one of the very first all-female anchor teams. This announcement was followed by a news story questioning whether television viewers would be willing to watch two women give …

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