The Leaf: ASL Poem by John Maucere about Addiction

Seeking Help for Addiction: In this beautiful and powerful ASL poem, the ¬†well-known Deaf actor and comedian John Maucere illustrates his journey of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. John’s courage in sharing his personal story is inspiring – and a reminder to all of us that the dangers of addiction are very real and the consequences more serious than …

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Deaf-Friendly Stress Tips in ASL

Take Charge of Stress: Never underestimate how one simple stress-reducing action can brighten your day and improve your health. Click here to see a video about stress tips in American Sign Language (ASL). It offers some great tips for managing stress, including, but not limited to, meditation, exercise, and laughter. How Stress Affects Us: Our bodies, minds, and emotions all …

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Deaf Couples Counseling: 1 to 10 ASL Story

Dr. Candace A. McCullough took the challenge of doing an impromptu 1 to 10 American Sign Language story on Deaf couples counseling. 1 = Couple fighting, disagreeing; walking to counseling session 2 = Couple sit down side by side on couch, look at each other angrily, one looks away while the other looks at partner, then vice versa; psychologist looks …

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Deanne Bray’s Rude Awakening

Deanne Bray stars in an informative video produced by Deaf Hope, outlining the basics of domestic violence. Learn about the war zone of domestic violence, reflect on the sad truth that every year more women die from domestic violence than soldiers die in the Mideast, and commit to educating your own daughters about domestic violence.

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You Are Worth It: National Suicide Prevention Week

You Are Worth It: A warm thank you to Alison Aubrecht of Facundo Element for taking the time to make the video below in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week. Alison is a licensed counselor in Michigan. The video recognizes the significant impact of audism and oppression on the mental health and well-being of Deaf people. Our counselors at ASC …

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The Deafhood Monologues

The Deafhood Monologues: An episodic play of Deaf experiences, chronicles and reflections delivered through poetry, stories, and presentations in American Sign Language. Inspired by “The Vagina Monologues” and “Understanding Deaf Culture: in search of Deafhood”. December 3-4, 2010 Little Theatre – California School for the Deaf 39350 Gallaudet Drive Fremont, California 94538 SHOW TIMES Friday Evening: 7:30PM ~ December 3, …

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