Dr. Candace A. McCulloughChief Executive Officer
Dr. McCullough is Deaf, holds a PhD in clinical psychology, a MA in Psychology and a MA in Mental Health Counseling. She has a license in MaRead more
Sharon Duchesneau, LCPCClinical Services Director
Ms. Duchesneau is a Maryland and District of Columbia licensed Deaf counselor and also holds certifications as an Approved Clinical SupervisRead more
Sheli Barber, LPCCCounselor
Ms. Barber is a Deaf counselor, licensed in California. She obtained her Master’s degree in mental health counseling from Gallaudet UniversiRead more
Madie Davis-Shelton, LCSW-CClinical Social Worker
Ms. Davis-Shelton is a Deaf clinical social worker, licensed in the District of Columbia. She received her Master’s degree from the School oRead more
Christine Ellis, LCSWClinical Social Worker
Ms. Ellis is a California and Colorado licensed clinical social worker and holds certification as a Distance Credentialed Counselor. She obtRead more
Lizabeth Katz, LCSW-CClinical Social Worker
Ms. Katz, a Deaf licensed clinical social worker, has been involved in providing therapy and assessment services to the Deaf community for oRead more
Dan Langholtz, LCSWClinical Social Worker
Daniel Langholtz is a Deaf Licensed Clinical Social Worker, based in California.  He first obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work froRead more
Carrie MichaelsCarrie Michaels, LMFTTherapist
Ms. Michaels is a California licensed Deaf Mexican-American therapist, who also holds certification as a Distance Credentialed Counselor.  ARead more
Lisa Montalvo, LPCTherapist
Ms. Lisa Montalvo is a licensed Deaf Latina Therapist in the District of Columbia. She also holds two certifications: National CertificationRead more
Susanna Paulay, LCSW-RClinical Social Worker
A Deaf therapist licensed in New York, Maryland, Florida and Maine, Ms. Paulay also holds NYS certification in public education and has beenRead more
Scott Staubach, LPCTherapist
Mr. Staubach is a Deaf psychotherapist and a licensed supervisor based in Alabama. He received his Master’s degree in Mental Health CounseliRead more
Jan Delap, CDICertified Deaf Interpreter
Ms. DeLap is a certified Deaf interpreter in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, specializing in legal-forensic interpreting. For over 15Read more

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