Rethinking the ASL Therapy Sign (2006)

Feeling nostalgic after reviewing our archives. Here’s a throwback video by our (much younger!) Sharon, sharing thoughts about a new sign for “counseling”, 13 years ago in 2006. We are happy to see that use of this new sign that we suggested has slowly spread over the years, and more people have opted to use this sign over the traditional …

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NAD’s position on Mental Health Interpreting

Position Statement on Mental Health Interpreting Services with People who are Deaf The purpose of this position statement is to acknowledge and emphasize the importance and need for specialized sign language interpreting services in the delivery of mental health services to deaf individuals. While direct mental health services are optimal and always preferred, such services are not always available. When …

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Therapy, the Deaf Way – National Campaign

May 1st marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month – and the kick-off for Deaf Counseling Center’s month-long national campaign to bring attention to the mental health needs of our Deaf community. It is essential for Deaf people to have access to therapy. Join us – and you’ll have a chance to win a brand new 9.7 inch iPad …

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What’s up with the Big-D in Deaf?

The Capitalization Question: Not long ago, a reader asked us why we use the capitalized version of Deaf in our blog and website. This question brought us back to our thoughts last year, when we were in the middle of writing the text for the ASC website and debating the D/d issue. Opting to capitalize Deaf was not something we …

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