How Long Can I Expect to be in Therapy?

Vlog Summary: This depends on a number of things. Some people feel they have reached a desired understanding and change in their lives after several sessions. It is almost comparable to going to see your doctor for a check-up and learning that your body is running fine and you don’t really need to do anything more. Other people may attend …

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How Often are Appointments Scheduled?

Vlog Summary: Most people go to therapy once a week, while others may go twice a week. Having twice-weekly appointments does not necessarily mean that someone has more serious issues or is in bad shape. Meeting twice a week can often work very well when you want to focus intensively on issues. If time is of urgency, such as when …

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Isn’t Psychotherapy for People Who are Weak or Crazy?

Vlog Summary: Think about all the different consultants in our society. There are financial planners, lawyers, doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, interior decorators, and so on. Going to see a psychotherapist for support and guidance in dealing with emotional or interpersonal issues is not much different than going to see one of these consultants for help in another area of your …

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How is Psychotherapy Different from Talking with Friends and Family?

Vlog Summary: Many people wonder what psychotherapists can offer them that their closest friends and family members cannot. There are many times when a good heart-to-heart talk with a friend can do wonders for cheering up one’s mood and can even bring a new perspective to a problem. You are truly lucky if you have people in your life with …

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Deaf People’s Knowledge and Views Related to Mental Health

What Do These Numbers Mean?: Here’s an interesting data table from a research study on Deaf mental health consumers done back in 1998. One author is Deaf, the other two are hearing – it’s great they have one Deaf author/researcher on board! Even though the table is shown below out of context of the original article and without demographic data …

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What is Psychotherapy?

Vlog Summary: Psychotherapy, also referred to as counseling or therapy, is a special process designed to help Deaf people work through any number of concerns or problems they may be experiencing in life. Some people go to therapy when they are dealing with a particular crisis, such as the end of a relationship or a death. Others seek therapy to …

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The Facts about Bipolar Disorder

Vlog Summary: Bipolar disorder is a term that is once again receiving a great deal of attention on television, in newspapers, and even in the Deaf community. Britney Spears’ behaviors of late, for example, have spurred rumors that she might have bipolar disorder. Although ASC does not endorse psychiatric labels, we do think it is important to clarify some misconceptions …

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