Deficit Thinker vs. Deficit Thinking

Vlog Summary: The past week has seen a heated debate over the issue of deficit thinking, with many vlogs and blogs contributing to a healthy and thought-provoking discussion. A small, but intriguing, aspect of the discussion raises the question of what the difference is between “deficit thinker” and “deficit thinking”? As Candace A. McCullough explains, “deficit thinker” labels the whole …

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Understanding Panic Attacks

Vlog Summary: Candace A. McCullough explains the basics of panic attacks. Panic attacks can be very frightening experiences, with symptoms that may include some, but not necessarily all, of the following: a racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing, sweating, feeling crazy or like you are about to die, feeling like you are choking, numbness, feeling paralyzed or unable to move, or feeling …

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Family Therapy: Deaf or Hearing Professional?

ASC Vlog: Candace McCullough discusses the empowering message reflected in the choice of a Deaf psychotherapist for a hearing family with a Deaf child. As always, ASC looks forward to knowing your perspective on this issue. To cite: McCullough, C. (2007, January 9). Family Therapy: Deaf or Heating Professional. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved January 9, 2007, from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=277

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Deaf Women’s Support Group

Coming Next Month: ASC’s licensed psychotherapist, Sharon Duchesneau, will be leading another Deaf Women’s Support Group in Washington D.C. The group is sponsored by DAWN: Deaf Abused Women’s Network. If you are a woman currently in an abusive relationship (including emotional, physical, financial, or sexual abuse) or have experienced an abusive relationship in the past…if your partner is threatening to …

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Say NO to Deaf Guilt

Guilt Defined: Guilt is usually described as “the sense of right or wrong”. As an emotion, it suggests conscience – that little angel sitting on your shoulder – and remorse. On the one hand, we feel guilty when we do something we think we shouldn’t have done; on the other hand, we feel guilty when we don’t do something we …

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Just the Blues? Or is it Depression?

Depression and Deaf People: We recently had several requests to do a post specifically on depression and Deaf people. Depression is something that many of us may experience at one point or another during our lives. It’s important to know that being Deaf itself is not a cause of depression. Being Deaf people in a hearing-centered society, however, can put …

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Rethinking the Sign for Therapy

Another Vlog from ASC: Sharon Duchesneau shares her perspective on the potential negative implications of the ASL sign for “therapy” or “counseling”. ASC would like to know your thoughts on an alternative sign, borrowed from other countries. To cite: Duchesneau, S. (2006, September 29). Rethinking the Sign for Therapy. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved September 29, 2006, from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=232

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Simple Solution

Jackson went to a psychiatrist. “Doc,” he said, ” I’ve got trouble. Every time i get into bed I think there’s somebody under it. I get under the bed, I think there’s somebody on top of it. Top, under, top, under. I’m going crazy!” “Just put yourself in my hands for two years,” said the shrink. “Come to me three …

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Take No Deaf Prisoners (Unfairly)

Not In My Backyard: “Prison fully accessible (in ASL and English) to Deaf inmates” finished at the bottom of this week’s Laurent, South Dakota, poll. The poll invited readers to rank their preferences for community services and businesses they would want to see in the planned Deaf town, before they would actually move there. An ASL- and English-friendly mental health …

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