Deaf and Transgender Since Birth, Meet Dominice

Role Models for Parenting a Transgender Child: Read this beautiful story about two Deaf parents and their now 9-year old Deaf child’s transition journey from a boy to a girl. It is truly inspiring to see these parents respond with great sensitivity to their child’s emotional needs, even when they may fly in the face of conventionality and societal expectations. …

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The Healing Power of Tears

Not Just Drops of Water: Here’s an interesting finding. Frey compared the chemical make-ups of tears caused by eye irritants such as sliced raw onions, and tears caused by emotions. Tears caused by emotions were found to have more protein and beta endorphins in them. These emotionally induced tears appear to contain high levels of cortisol, an important hormone released …

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Deafhood and Feminism

ASC’s First Vlog: In response to many requests from our readers, we decided to post our first vlog attempt today. What are some parallels between Deafhood and Feminism? Check out this vlog to learn more. To cite: McCullough, C. (2006, September 19). Deafhood and Feminism. ASC on the Couch. Retrieved September 19, 2006, from http://www.ascdeaf.com/blog/?p=202 Don’t Miss Any ASC Posts: …

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Double Stigma: Coming Out When Your Family is Hearing

In or Out: Compared to 50 years ago, coming out as lesbian, gay, bi, or transgendered (LGBT) has probably never been easier. Although, sadly, hate crimes and gay bashing still occur, our culture has generally become more accepting of LGBT people. LGBT characters regularly show up in movies. There are PFLAG support groups for family members and friends. More and …

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FTM’s Firsthand Experience of Bias

Women in Science Face Biases: Yesterday’s Washington Post features a story about a neurobiologist who had a sex-change operation, switching from a female to a male (FTM = female to male). According to the story, after the scientist had his operation, he returned to work as a man and gave a talk. Another scientist, who did not know that his …

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Isms are Everywhere: Sexism, Racism, Audism

Would They Ask This About an All-Male Anchor Team?: ABC’s Good Morning America announced yesterday that Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts will co-anchor the morning news, making them either the first or one of the very first all-female anchor teams. This announcement was followed by a news story questioning whether television viewers would be willing to watch two women give …

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Intersex and Cochlear Implant Surgeries

What Do Intersex and Cochlear Implant Surgeries Have in Common? Last summer we had a learning experience when we attended the American Psychological Association’s annual conference and found ourselves in the audience of an intersex workshop. Intersex refers to certain conditions that occur when someone is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to meet society’s expectations …

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