Deaf Indian Adoption

Deaf Indian Adoption: Maureen’s Story

Advice for Prospective Adoptive Deaf Parents Maureen shares her Deaf Indian adoption experience and offers two important pieces of advice for prospective adoptive parents. Communication Access and Medical-Related Issues Hi, I’m Maureen Behrens. I’d like to share my adoption story, focusing on communication access and medical-related issues. I adopted my daughter about 10 ½ years ago, through the Holt International …

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Adoption: A Deaf Adoptive Parent, Kym’s Story

Adoption and the Medical Community Hi, I’m Kym Symansky. I’m the mother of three children through international adoption. I want to share my experience with adoption, particularly with the medical community. When our children came home, I felt like they were my children, 500% mine, even though they did not come from my womb. They are children who came from …

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Deaf Counseling: Stress & Self-Care

Transcript/Video Description: Title Slide (black with white text): Stress & Self-Care, Deaf Counseling Center, www.deafcounseling.com Sharon (Caucasian woman with black/grey hair, wearing glasses, standing in a kitchen in front of a cookie sheet with a measuring cup full of blue water and a glass one quarter filled with blue water): All of us have different types of stress in our …

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Early Healthy Deaf Identity vs. Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

As the 17th Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) annual national meeting opens in Denver, Colorado, this weekend, Deaf Counseling Center’s licensed therapist, Sheli Barber, reminds everyone attending of the importance of paying attention to the Deaf child’s healthy identity. When language and culture are made accessible to Deaf children, the years of therapy needed to unpack the trauma associated …

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The Leaf: ASL Poem by John Maucere about Addiction

Seeking Help for Addiction: In this beautiful and powerful ASL poem, the  well-known Deaf actor and comedian John Maucere illustrates his journey of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. John’s courage in sharing his personal story is inspiring – and a reminder to all of us that the dangers of addiction are very real and the consequences more serious than …

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Deaf-Friendly Stress Tips in ASL

Take Charge of Stress: Never underestimate how one simple stress-reducing action can brighten your day and improve your health. Click here to see a video about stress tips in American Sign Language (ASL). It offers some great tips for managing stress, including, but not limited to, meditation, exercise, and laughter. How Stress Affects Us: Our bodies, minds, and emotions all …

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