Deaf Employees and Workplace Discrimination

Facing discrimination at work? Deaf people face significantly higher than average rates of workplace discrimination. Deaf People of Color, DeafBlind people, and Deaf and disabled people face exponentially greater rates of workplace discrimination. Discrimination can mean being prevented from doing your job due to inaccessibility in any form, being treated differently than other workers, changing your job duties, not offering …

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File an ADA Complaints Online

The Department of Justice is pleased to announce that, as of today, individuals wishing to file ADA complaints with the Department will be able to fill out the form and submit it completely electronically. Filers will also immediately receive a “reference number” that can be used whenever contacting the Department about that complaint. Please visit http://www.ada.gov/complaint/ to view the new …

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Missouri Association of the Deaf Win Suit Against State

Another victory: This is great news for Deaf Missourians! Once again, however, it is important to note that the issue is not just access to services via interpreters in mental health settings, but access to Deaf counselors, therapists, social workers and psychologists. The majority of Deaf people seeking mental health services want to work with Deaf professionals and receive services …

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Georgia Found to be Discriminating Against Deaf People with Disabilities

Deaf Group Homes on the Horizon: Kudos to the state of Georgia, where a U.S. District judge has ordered the establishment of accessible therapeutic group homes for Deaf people with developmental disabilities. The state found violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and granted class-action status to a recent case, making the lawsuit open for other affected residents to …

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Fighting the Good Fight: Lawsuit Filed Against Insurance Company for Denying Accessible Services to Deaf Citizens

Suing for Equity in Services: Early last month in Florida, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc., together with the National Association of the Deaf, filed a lawsuit seeking accessible medical services for Deaf citizens in the state. The lawsuit charges Humana Insurance and the Florida Department of Financial Services with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the …

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Oregon Lacks Mental Health Resources

Most people don’t receive adequate treatment because of poor interpretation services Raymond Rendleman The Lund Report March 31, 2010 — Deaf advocates are raising awareness about the lack of specialized mental health services for their marginalized community. Although there’s no formal program available to deaf persons in Oregon, there are two licensed therapists who are deaf themselves – a psychologist, …

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