Korean-American Deaf Adoptee: Kami’s Story

Korean-American Deaf Adoptee Shares Her Story Kami tells her story as a Korean-American Deaf adoptee, recounting the touching moment her mother identified her out of a group of newly arrived babies. She also covers a few other adoption-related issues. Each Adoption Experience is Different Hi, my name is Kami and I’m a Korean-American Deaf adoptee. I was asked to share …

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Deaf Transracial Transcountry adoption Edna Johnston

Deaf Transracial and Trans-Country Adoption

Deaf Transracial and Trans-country Adoption Edna shares her family’s experience with Deaf transracial and trans-country adoption. Deaf transracial and trans-country adoption: Hello everyone, I’m Edna Johnston. My topic is adoption. I have four children, all of whom I adopted, including one who was conceived and born with my wife of 16 ½ years. I think adoption is a beautiful concept …

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Loving Day: Deaf Interracial Relationships

June 12 is Loving Day in the USA. This day celebrates the anniversary of the 1967 Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia. Interracial marriages were banned in Virginia and other 15 states in 1924. A Deaf woman, Debbie Colbert, shares her story about being in interracial relationships and how she dealt with people’s opinions. Video transcript provided by Debbie Colbert: …

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Hiding Behind the Mask of Professionalism

An Open Letter from Alternative Solutions Center (ASC) Hiding Behind the Mask of Professionalism October 12, 2006 Dear Colleagues in the Mental Health Field: Like many people in the Deaf community, the Gallaudet University protest weighs heavily in our hearts today, as we are sure it does in yours, whether or not you have taken a public stand. As Deaf-centered …

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Mental Health Concerns in Our Deaf Community: The Roots Grow Deep

What Exactly is Mental Health?: Mental health equals emotional well-being. It means feeling good about yourself, the people around you, your job or school, having healthy relationships, enjoying life, and being able to deal with its many challenges. Lots of things affect mental health: biology, psychology, education, politics, social structure, and religion, to name a few. In a chapter of …

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Isms are Everywhere: Sexism, Racism, Audism

Would They Ask This About an All-Male Anchor Team?: ABC’s Good Morning America announced yesterday that Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts will co-anchor the morning news, making them either the first or one of the very first all-female anchor teams. This announcement was followed by a news story questioning whether television viewers would be willing to watch two women give …

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