Adoption: A Deaf Adoptive Parent, Kym’s Story

Adoption and the Medical Community Hi, I’m Kym Symansky. I’m the mother of three children through international adoption. I want to share my experience with adoption, particularly with the medical community. When our children came home, I felt like they were my children, 500% mine, even though they did not come from my womb. They are children who came from …

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Deaf Parent’s Suicide Grief

Terrylene shares the profound grief she experienced upon her son’s death.  For me, grief was a foreign word until it comes crashing down on my life. In human being experience and life milestones such as finding love, getting married, first day of school. Grief is part of human being milestones. Grief cannot and will not escape humanity. My world now …

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Loving Day: Matt Reinig & Natasha Ofili

Transcript: Matt: Hello, my name is Matt Reinig (name sign). Natasha: Hi, I’m Natasha Ofili (name sign). Matt: So, we want to share our experience in our relationship. Today… Yesterday, June 12th, we celebrate Richard and Mildred Loving… If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to marry and celebrate our love in public. Natasha: I think that National …

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Loving Day: Deaf Interracial Relationships

June 12 is Loving Day in the USA. This day celebrates the anniversary of the 1967 Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia. Interracial marriages were banned in Virginia and other 15 states in 1924. A Deaf woman, Debbie Colbert, shares her story about being in interracial relationships and how she dealt with people’s opinions. Video transcript provided by Debbie Colbert: …

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Heels for Hope by Deaf Iowans Against Abuse

Deaf Counseling Center’s therapist, Sheli Barber of the Bay Area, California, gave the keynote speech supporting victims of sexual assault and abuse at the Heels for Hope event sponsored by Deaf Iowans Against Abuse in Iowa this past weekend. Sheli shared the alarming fact that 99% of sexual assault perpetrators walk free. She also discussed the 19th century origins of …

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