Dr. Candace A. McCulloughChief Executive Officer
Dr. McCullough is Deaf, holds a PhD in clinical psychology, a MA in Psychology and a MA in Mental Health Counseling. She has a license in MaRead more
Sharon Duchesneau, LCPCClinical Services Director
Ms. Duchesneau is a Maryland and District of Columbia licensed Deaf counselor and also holds certifications as an Approved Clinical SupervisRead more
Sheli Barber, LPCCCounselor
Ms. Barber is a Deaf counselor, licensed in California. She obtained her Master’s degree in mental health counseling from Gallaudet UniversiRead more
Madie Davis-Shelton, LCSW-CClinical Social Worker
Ms. Davis-Shelton is a Deaf clinical social worker, licensed in the District of Columbia. She received her Master’s degree from the School oRead more
Dan Langholtz, LCSWClinical Social Worker
Daniel Langholtz is a Deaf Licensed Clinical Social Worker, based in California.  He first obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work froRead more
Carrie MichaelsCarrie Michaels, LMFTTherapist
Ms. Michaels is a California licensed Deaf Mexican-American therapist, who also holds certification as a Distance Credentialed Counselor.  ARead more
Lisa Montalvo, LPCTherapist
Ms. Lisa Montalvo is a licensed Deaf Latina Therapist in the District of Columbia. She also holds two certifications: National CertificationRead more
Susanna Paulay, LCSW-RClinical Social Worker
A Deaf therapist licensed in New York, Maryland, Florida and Maine, Ms. Paulay also holds NYS certification in public education and has beenRead more
Scott Staubach, LPCTherapist
Mr. Staubach is a Deaf psychotherapist and a licensed supervisor based in Alabama. He received his Master’s degree in Mental Health CounseliRead more
Tanya Wyatt, LMSWSocial Worker
Ms. Wyatt is a Michigan licensed social worker, who was the first Black Deaf woman to graduate with an MSW from the Advanced Social Work proRead more
Jan Delap, CDICertified Deaf Interpreter
Ms. DeLap is a certified Deaf interpreter in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, specializing in legal-forensic interpreting. For over 15Read more

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